Sewer Inspections, Trenchless Repairs, and Keeping Your Sewer Lines Healthy

Home maintenance is a crucial part of being a responsible homeowner. Home maintenance doesn’t just mean annual paint jobs and replacing broken parts; it also means keeping your sewer lines healthy. Keeping your sewer lines healthy will help you avoid unnecessary sewer inspections and trenchless repairs to fix your sewer pipes.

Here are some simple sewer maintenance tips to keep your sewer pipes in good condition:

Use Enzyme Cleaners for cleaning drains

Most drain cleaners are harmful to both the environment and your drain pipes. But they are unavoidable. You still need drain cleaners once a month to clean out the buildup in your sewer pipes. Invest in enzyme cleaners. Enzyme cleaners are better for your health of your sewer pipes and are most friendly on the environment.

Take Clogs Seriously

If your bathroom or kitchen sink keeps clogging, don’t take it lightly. Don’t wait for your bathroom to flood or any other sewer emergency. Invest in a sewer inspection. Sewer Inspections will help you locate the problem by showing you the insides of your sewer pipes through a small, waterproof camera.

Be Mindful of what you’re flushing down the toilet

Even though you can flush almost anything down the toilet, it’s highly not advisable. You only extra thing you can flush down the toilet are the toilet papers. All other things are off-limits. This includes baby wipes, sanitary napkins, and other such products. These will eventually clog pipes and you’ll be embarrassed when there is a sewer camera inspection of your pipes.

Know the warning signs

It’s unusual for you to be caught up in a sewer emergency without a warning. If your plumber is recommending trenchless repairs, it’s probably because you missed out on the warning signs. These include frequently clogging drains, seepage around your drain lines, a nasty smell coming out of your sewer pipes etc. If you are experiencing any of these signs, it best to get your drains inspected.

Plan your garden

It’s common sense to plant trees away from your sewer lines. As trees grow, their roots may continue to grow inside your sewer pipes. Over time, they will block water flow. You’ll then have to go for sewer repair and cleaning. Avoid this through careful planning of your garden. Get blueprints of your sewer pipes and plant your trees away from the sewer line.

Annual Sewer Inspections

We advise all your clients to book annual sewer inspections. You never know what’s happening your sewer pipes. Even if you take great care of your sewer pipes, you cannot control external situations. Weather changes often lead to shifts in the sewer pipes. This leads to gaps and other problems. Annual sewer inspections prepare you for any future sewer emergency.

With these simple, doable things, you will be keeping your sewers healthy. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced plumbing company, give us a call. A All Sewer Services, LLC, we service all kinds of sewer issues including Trenchless Repairs, Sewer Inspections and much more.

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