The Advantages of Sewer Video Inspections for Removing Sewer Issues


If you’ve noticed that your drains are running slowly or you suspect sewer or pipeline problems, you may be wondering what to do next. Home and property owners who are facing sewer issues should consider calling a professional to do a sewer video inspection. Rather than having a contractor come in immediately to go into your sewer lines and start excavating on your property, a video inspection will pinpoint the issue and allow for a more precise plan of action. Here are some of the advantages of getting a video inspection to help solve sewer line problems.

Easy and Effective

Homeowners and commercial builders typically dread what will happen when they call in a pro to fix their sewer lines. It’s common for excavation and tearing up landscaping to be involved, and that’s just to find the source of the issue. To avoid this headache, opt for sewer video inspection before any work gets started. It’s the least invasive way to find out what’s causing your sewer issues, and it doesn’t take much time at all. The inspector will come to your home or place of business and insert a line down into your piping with a small camera attached at the end. The camera will give him a view of what’s causing the blockage and reveal exactly where in the sewer the problem is located. No digging up land is involved, and the inspection usually takes less than an hour.

Advanced Technology

As is the case with many areas, technology has the ability to streamline processes and make things run more smoothly and efficiently. This is why sewer line video inspections are so advantageous: rather than using physical labor and lots of time and money to see why your sewers are blocked, technology is used to figure out the problem and make a plan to solve it. It’s a safer and less hectic solution for all involved.

Peace of Mind

Trying to figure out just what the problem with your sewers and piping is can cause tons of stress, but after your video inspection you’ll be told why the issues are occurring and where in the line. Having concrete information at your disposal will allow you to decide which repairs to choose and it can also help you pick out the best contractor for your needs.

Saving Money

Once you have your video inspection completed and know what the sewer problem is, you can use the information to compare contractor bids. And since there will be no need for digging around to find the problem, the contractor that you choose to work with can get right to solving the issue and making repairs in the right location. Less digging and manpower means less money spent to repair your sewer lines.

The best way to ease your worries and get your sewer line problems fixed is to invest in a video inspection of your piping. Once the problem has been identified, you can then move forward and your contractor will have a much better idea of what action is needed.

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