Why Do Sewers Backup and Fail?


If you own a home or property, you are bound to face a sewer backup at some point. A backup in your sink, toilet, kitchen, etc. All Sewer Services, LLC can repair all of your sewer damages in a day or two, depending on the situation. A backup in your sewer is caused by a few different things: tree roots, a cracked or collapsed sewer line or a simple clog.

When pipes are first installed in a home or property, they are not typically threatened by tree roots. However, as time goes on and the tree roots grow, they can begin to penetrate the pipe. Tree roots are extremely strong and have the ability to wrap around the sewer line and crush it as well as cause holes and or blockage. This will not only create a serious leakage in your sewer line, but you will have the inevitable backup. The average household can leak up to 10,000 gallons of wasted water every year. This will affect your utility bill and be extremely costly.

A home’s sewer line will eventually begin to crack or collapse over time. Most pipes that are over 40 years old, are clay pipes. The clay pipes were not made to last. They simply begin to crack and produce leakage and lead to sewage back up. While some cracks can benefit from pipe repair, a collapsed pipe will need a sewer line replacement. Fortunately, modern technologies such as trenchless sewer repair, have eliminated the need to dig up your property. With trenchless sewer repair, which became popular about 10 years ago, contractors have helped thousands of homeowners repair their sewer lines without leaving a mess.

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